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About Ralph

About Ralph

Born and raised in Switzerland, Ralph has always been drawn to a life of authentic discovery. As a Renaissance Man, once chef/restaurateur, entrepreneur, artist, art dealer, builder, spiritual event producer and world traveler, his passion is uniting people, purpose and unusual places into new creations. To unveil the hidden essence of people and place - that we may apprehend our oneness.


"Having dedicated my life to seeking the essence of life itself, I finally came to understand that there is no need to look for the truth. All we need to do instead is to drop our illusions.

At the heart of my photography is a call to courageous vulnerability. This is about a choice and ability to confront and embrace our own shadows. When we do so, all becomes completely authentic in front of the camera and truth is seen.

Courageous vulnerability is a path I have walked myself. I was inflicted for many years with physical illness, intense pain, and personal challenges. It was through pain and facing my shadows that my mission emerged: to enable people to see and be themselves."

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Transformation Through Photography

To transform our world by awakening consciousness and purpose.

"In a world divided, photography of courage and vulnerability imparts empathy and ignites shared value. Our vision is to unite, communicate and catalyze conscious transformation through photography and stories of authentic people and places for a sustainable future for all."

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Dedicated to human and planetary Transformation Through Photography, Ralph has premiered his work exclusively for the purpose of purpose. It has not to date been made available commercially.


His original SDG Photography is dedicated to uplifting consciousness and action in support of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and has been featured in multiple major exhibitions at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, and in the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, as well as in select privately commissioned and hosted exhibitions, and numerous global media broadcasts in support of Climate Action, Women's Equality and all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 


Ralph's SDG Photography debuts have included major digital installations with Thomson Reuters and PVBLIC Foundation across iconic Times Square buildings and billboards, as well as multiple feature print pieces with Real Leaders Media and Real Leaders Magazine globally. His iconic SDG Fusion Photography Shows that unite the transformative power of SDG Photography and music  from artists such as four-time Grammy Award winning Keb' Mo' and Roseanne Cash, have been broadcasted together with FINTECH TV and the THEImpact, across NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange, CNBC and Bloomberg TV worldwide.

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What's to Come

Beginning in 2023, Ralph is for the first time, opening his photography to impact driven enterprise and sales channels, making SDG Photography available to purpose aligned commercial publishing, multi media and digital venues and large-scale global tours and exhibitions. Together with the SDG Impact Fund and select partners, he will also be debuting a series of major SDG Photography competitions and distinct impact endeavors with cities globally.  


His intent across all is to dedicate his life's work to - The People's Movement of "A Revolution of Re-Remembrance" where people everywhere in all walks of life and all corners of the Earth, are called into re-remembering the soul of who we really are in the cosmos, and who we are as sacred stewards on this Earth. 

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What's to come


"A Revolution of Re-Remembrance" 

"Ralph's gift is to re-reveal the soul of human beings, and the soul of our natural world."

- P.K. 

"As we truly see, we re-remember that who we are and why we are here, is about one truth - love."

- Ralph Reutimann 


About Amber

Amber Nystrom, SDG Impact Projects Co-Producer & Connectrix

A lifelong advocate of an inclusive economy and Earth, Amber is a pioneer in impact and catalytic finance, social enterprise and global systems change. For well over two decades she has mobilized financial, and industry first's across market and multi-stakeholder solutions that transform humanity's great challenges into human and planetary co-evolution.


She sees achieving a resilient and flourishing future as inextricably interwoven with the transformative power of the feminine, and fresh horizons and soul re-remembrance that art and photography enable us all to access.    


Amber serves as a Senior Advisor for the Foundation for the Support of the United Nations (FSUN), and as a Co-Founding Board Director and the Chief Exploration Officer for SDG Impact Fund, a global impact organization executing independent Donor Advised Funds, Trusts and Charitable Estates dedicated to tipping point solutions to achieve the 17 UN Global Goals and a regenerative economy worldwide.

"I am the daughter of one of the stewards of the modern midwifery movement. When I asked my mom long ago where she gained such courage, she said simply -  'When something becomes necessary, and it is necessary for everyone, and not just for a few, then nothing is impossible.' "   - Amber Nystrom

About Amber
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