SDG Cities of the Universe

SDG Cities of the Universe is an exclusive place based photo series that elevates the familiar, to remind us of our universal connectedness.  The series features iconic buildings in the world's top cities, juxtaposed with NASA images of our Universe. Each series celebrates a city at the forefront of leading the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


The Invitation: to imagine linked Cities of the Universe around the world celebrating connectedness through the dynamic of photography to transform humanity's great achievements into powerful reminders that we are part of much greater whole.


The first, as yet unreleased, exclusive series celebrates New York, London and Reykjavík.

TITLE: "UNity"

"The vision is of a translucent UN against the night sky. By transposing the UN in this way, it becomes part of the universe, and represents the unity of creation itself. 


Just like the sun during the day, the countless stars at night illuminate every human being on this planet. Regardless of race, gender, religion or any other belief, no exception. We exist in UNity."  


                                                                            - Ralph Reutimann

“My colleagues and I chose Ralph's photograph 'UNity' to mark the visual opening of a multimedia event on the role of art and technology in achieving the SDGs, as it gracefully encapsulated the overarching concept of our event. The image instantly and silently conveys the awesome ambition of the UN's mission, and the humility and interdependence required of human beings to transform that mission into reality.”

                                                      Shamina de Gonzaga

Executive Director,  

                                                       World Council of Peoples for the UN

by Ralph Reutimann

Reykjavík, Iceland

London, England