"What is "Women in Their Power"?

Courageous Vulnerability Books is a book series produced by Ralph Reutimann Photography featuring photographs and interviews of leaders standing in their own courage and vulnerability to lead a changing world. Photography has a unique role to play in enabling us to see and express the authentic courage that enables us to embrace the vulnerability of the unknown. 


All books are committed to support the realization of the United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDGs), and celebrate featured woman also as SDG Heroes. The SDG Heroes photo series will be published globally. 


"Women in Their Power" is the first book trilogy of this series, featuring intimate portrait photographs and interviews with courageous women shaping the edge of a new possible. 


The first book of the trilogy is the Women of Iceland in Their Power, celebrating Iceland and the remarkable women of this country that have gone further in women's equality than any other single country. 


The second book of the trilogy will be Women World Leaders in Their Power, featuring women political leaders courageously stewarding a re-balanced future across borders.


The the third book of the trilogy will be Women of Rwanda in Their Power, celebrating the staggering courage and vulnerability of women who have risen to from the deepest darkness to a beacon of hope for Africa and the world; and to show what's possible in becoming the only country worldwide with a majority of women's political leadership.