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Transformation through photography.

"In a world divided, photography of courage and vulnerability imparts empathy and ignites shared value. Our vision is to unite, communicate and catalyze conscious transformation through photography and stories of authentic people and places for a sustainable future for all."

About Ralph and his Mission

Born and raised in Switzerland, Ralph has always been drawn to a life of authentic discovery. As a Renaissance Man, once chef/restaurateur, entrepreneur, artist, art dealer, builder, spiritual event producer and world traveler, his passion is uniting people, purpose and unusual places into new creations.


Ralph’s mission: to unveil the hidden essence of people and place - that we may apprehend our oneness.

"Having dedicated my life to seeking the essence of life itself, I finally came to understand that there is no need to look for the truth. All we need to do instead is to drop our illusions.

At the heart of my photography is a call to courageous vulnerability. This is about a choice and ability to confront and embrace our own shadows. When we do so, all becomes completely authentic in front of the camera and truth is seen.

Courageous vulnerability is a path I have walked myself. I was inflicted for many years with physical illness, intense pain, and personal challenges. It was through pain and facing my shadows that my mission emerged: to enable people to see and be themselves."

Ralph lives in Iceland and New York City, but travels the world for his work.


Self Portrait: "Hidden Under the Light"

Impact Projects Co-Producer, Amber Nystrom

Amber Nystrom, SDG Co-Producer & Connectrix


Amber is the daughter of one of the stewards of the modern midwifery movement, whose advice is her North Star: “When something becomes necessary, and it is necessary for everyone, and not just for a few, then nothing is impossible.” A lifelong advocate of an inclusive economy, she sees a regenerative future, and women leading in their own power as necessary - for everyone.


Amber is a pioneer in impact and catalytic finance, social enterprise and global systems change. She has 20 years’ senior experience mobilizing financial, and industry first market and multi-stakeholder solutions to transform humanity's great challenges. She serves currently as Co-Founder & Board Director for SDG Impact Fund, a fully independent Donor Advised Fund dedicated to tipping point solutions to achieve the 17 UN Global Goals. 


She is passionate about the power of SDG Photography to re-mind us all to Be… Hero’s of our own unique Journey - of great adventure, and purpose. 

"Ralph possesses an unparalleled capacity to truly see those who he is with and capture their true essence and soul. His work is moving, courageous, and beautiful."

- Meghan Dunbar French, Co-Founder, Conscious Company Media

As a layman, I only know what I experience when working with Ralph, and that is one of love, kindness, and gentleness that puts you totally at ease. On the other side of that is a consummate professional and you know that every move that he is making is deliberate and well thought out, and all of that together truly shows through in his work.

Working with Ralph made me feel incredibly comfortable with myself, and as the work continued I felt more and more expressive and open, and powerful to express myself.  

It takes some getting used to, to allow someone to capture your courageous vulnerability, but I have always had the desire to show this, so others could learn from it. I believe there is so much to be learned when people, especially women open up and allow ourselves to be raw and open. It is a time when this kind of courageousness is truly needed, and for all to see this globally, not just at home. Anyone is lucky to experience [Ralph’s] photography and his beautiful soul.”


- Holly Ruxin, Founder and CEO, Montcalm, TCR; Founder & President, TCR Foundation

“Ralph has a true gift, that I have not seen in other photographers. Without knowing it at first, I found myself – revealing my real self.  With his humility, and gentle guidance, I found myself feeling safe -- in being simply who I am. I was amazed at what I saw.”

- Mark Etem, Watson University Scholar

“Ralph is amazing. He naturally brings forth this essence of courageous vulnerability where for the first time really - I saw mySELF in these photos. And also for maybe the first time, I truly loved seeing my whole self.”

- RR Private Client

“I could not have enjoyed the photo shoot I did with Ralph any more than I truly did. I have done a number of photo shoots over the years and I can say with all honesty working with Ralph was one of the few that actually resulted in high quality photos that showed my best self. The photos… show me in… a light that really represents who I feel I am and what I value as a person.”

- Jed Emerson, Founder, Blended Value; Sr. Advisor to private families worldwide; Chief Impact Strategist, ImpactAssets; Sr. Fellow, Center for Social Investment

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